Java Database Application Library

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JDAL Swing provides support for the development of the Model-View-Controller pattern in its simplified version M-VC, in which the controller and thr view is united in the same class.

In the figure on the right, you can see the hierarchy of the the View interface up to the main class info.joseluismartin.gui.AbstractView .

Model Holder

ModelHolder which defines the methods that have the types that hold domain models:

The types that implement ModelHolder are treated in a special way, in some cases, for example in the case of the CompositeBinder which automatically dereferencing ModelHolders when carry out operations relating to the models.


The Binder interface add two methos to ModelHolder for moving data between models and UI Controls.


View add to Binder the methods that should be implemented of paradigma MVC.


AbstractView is the principal template ( Template , GoF) of JDAL Swing. We see how to use AbstractView in the next chapter.